By Goodluck Lemchi

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ikeduru LGA in an emergency enlarged Executive meeting held on Friday 18th of November 2022 at the Party secretariat, Atta, has suspended Mr. Geoffrey Ihentuge and Mr. Godson Okereke, Chairman and vice Chairman respectively from the party.

The duo were suspended over embezzlement of funds, anti party activities, gross incompetence, dishonesty, and creation of division among party members and other weighty allegations.

Ikeduru PDP Executives through motions moved, seconded and overwhelmingly endorsed by all executive members present at the enlarged meeting, passed a vote of no confidence on duo of Mr Geoffrey Ihentuge and Mr Godson Okereke and subsequently suspended them from offices.

The enlarged executives however also through a Motion duly seconded and endorsed by all present, appointed Hon. Victor Nwosu as the Acting Chairman of Ikeduru LGA PDP pending the ratification of the suspension notice sent to Imo State PDP Executive.

The vote of no confidence notice signed by the enlarged Executive Members of Ikeduru LGA PDP reads:
“We the undersigned members of Ikeduru Local Government Executive Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party, after thorough deliberation and review of the progress, prospects and “Two Man Administration” of our party in the Local Government.
The party officers hereby wholeheartedly and unanimously pass a “VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE” on the chairman Mr. Geoffrey Ihetuge and the vice Chairman Mr. Godson Okereke, thereby asking them to step down as Chairman and vice Chairman of the party in our Local Government in the interest of the party and the party’s candidates in the forth coming elections”

“1. Division in the party: Sect 16 (2) A & C
Mr. Ihetuge & Mr. Okereke has on many occasion mismanaged and squandered the electoral fortunes of our great party and there is no guarantee of victory in the forth coming elections if a new leadership is not appointed to replace their abysmal performance. They do and engaged in divide and rule in the party. They recently established a PDP leadership platform and exclude some prominent leaders in the platform.”

Mr. Ihetuge & Mr. Okereke has failed to render account of any event or activity carried out since the beginning of their tenure. The money contributed by the leaders that amounts to millions severally for the welfare of the party entered into a dark hole under their watch.
In a bid to avoid accountability, they formed a parallel executive that enabled them to usurp the functions of other members of the L.G.A executive. They run the party as a two man show.”

Mr. Ihetuge & Mr. Okereke in conjunction with a well known APC member in the Local Government Area singlehandedly compiled and submitted the list of delegates from Ikeduru in the last primaries of the party. They are heads of anti party activities in our Local Government Area.”

“4. INCOMPETENCE: SECT. 16 (2) A&B (3)They are bereft of ideas and does not follow the Constitution of the party, neither do they pass down instructions from the state office of the party to the LGA Executive Committee for effective implementation.
They have continued to abuse and betray the confidence of the leaders as at today, no leader of repute attends meetings convened by them or relate with their administration owing to their gross incompetence and dishonest conducts, Ikeduru PDP lags behind in all measurable indices.”

“5. Mr. Ihetuge and Mr. Okereke does not hold regular meetings as stipulated in the Constitution all in the bid to run the party as their empire
The L.G.A Executive is supposed to meet twice minimum in a month but meetings are held like once in 3 three months thereby contravening section 16(3) of the party Constitution.”

“6. Me. Ihetuge and Okereke together, compiled the Ikeduru L.G.A Campaign Council and excluded all ward chairmen that have prompted them to say our candidates will not enter their wards to campaign. They also did selective inclusion in the L.G.A Exco.
We are therefore communicating to you the situation of things as it is in the party and ask for your serious intervention to forestall this crisis from compromising the fortunes of the party in the 2023 general election.
As at today, mobilization of the party structure and general public is in serious jeopardy, Mr Ihetuge and Mr Okereke should be relieved of their duties as a result of incompetence for the survival of our party.”

Signatories Of The Suspension Letter Of The Chairman


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