A wonderful day as the consultation train of the Imo Rebirth Movement led by Mr. Okey Ezeh hit Isu and Njaba LGAs. The turnout seen was overwhelming. Greater than the march of a mighty army is an idea which time has come.
Nothing could have been more touching and even inspiring than seeing the women, men and youths of Isu and Njaba in large numbers constitute themselves into support groups for Mr. Okey Ezeh. They chanted, danced and rejoiced, vowing to do everything permissible to have Mr. Okey Ezeh as governor come 2019.


These people have yearned for a governor they can trust, that has conscience, that has competence and that has the ideas to make their lands yield again.


Their dreams can never be illusory, as Mr. Okey Ezeh has drawn an economic roadmap that meets their expectations. A comprehensive economic policy will be formulated and implemented to replace the plethora of improbable policies of the extant administration. The Imo Marshal Plan (I-MAP), which is the economic framework of Mr. Okey Ezeh, intends, among other things, to address unemployment in Isu and Njaba, protect the environment which is prone to erosion, restore a democratically elected local government system to them, revolutionize agriculture, reinvent the school system and make associated infrastructure investments to drive industrialization.

Imo is not fated to doom; our state is destined for greatness. We have a great opportunity to end bad governance and elect a leadership that will deliver prosperity to our people



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