The ABM Global Humanistic Touch. By Nze James Chinoyerem KSC

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The ABM Global Humanistic Touch


Nze James Chinonyerem KSM

His name rings bells for the good course. His achievements announce his regal presence. He is young, well built, educated, with contact and clouts. He is savvy, he has it, I mean, wealth, it comes in divine forms, his wealth transcends mere financial and material contents, his wealth is his goodwill, good sense, love, humility, piety, charity, concern and care for humanity. His name is Prince Dr Alex Mbata, the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director, ABM GLOBAL GROUP.

He is a humanist and humanitarian to the core. He knows what it means to work hard, to be disciplined, to be humble in achievements, bold and true to issues, loyal and friendly, he understands the community needs, individually and collectively. He is a native son, in spite of his cosmopolitan outlook. He relates with his immediate community freely and nicely. The community responds with affection for a God given son like no other who hears their heart beats and elevates their songs for a better community.

As a young boy growing up in the rustic village, he seemed concerned and worried about the galloppy nature of his town’s roads, he knew their needs and he told himself, he would address the needs some day. He divinely fixed a date with history in faith and trust in God.

Because Prince Alex said yes, he can, God said yes, he will. The Bible talks about those who believe in God sincerely and righteously, it talks about God’s blessings upon them. Prince Dr Alex Mbata fits into this divine category. He believes in God as the ultimate provider and guardian. He knows that if you trust in Him in honesty, you will never be disappointed. His trust and faith works and became the magical touch.

Through his Foundation, founded on the scriptural injunctions, Prince Mbata redefined humanitarian services. His, is the real deal.

From his personal earnings, he doled out millions of naira to construct stone based roads with drainage systems in his native Ngwoma community in Owerri North. This is instructive. To him, charity beings at home. He has empowered over hundred women in the community to start up or sustain their businesses. He has continued to create enabling environment for the youth in his immediate community and beyond to develop and maximize their potentials.

Beyond his immediate community, he has done so marvelously in humanitarian services. His empowerment programs knows no culture, tribe or creed. From Lagos State to Imo State, he has touched lives of people significantly, in education, health, faith based organizations, communities etc. Today, those who ply the Nekede road through Protea Hotel are full of gratitude to him for constructing the two kilometers dual road, stone based with drainage and lights which a grateful Imo State goverment named PRINCE DR ALEX MBATA ROAD.

Recently, to be precise, on the 16th of December, 2021, at the Ndubuisi Kalu Square Owerri, he empowered through his Foundation, PRINCE ALEX MBATA HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION, more than 3,000 Owerri Zone people with various items such as, 300 new brand Motor Cycles, 500 Hair dryers, 500 Sewing Machines, 2,000 bags of quality rice, N50,000 to one thousand persons, among whom were widows, the indigent and small scale business men and women.

It was a grand occasion which had the state Governor, Sen Hope Uzodimma, Chief Engr Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu AHAEJIAGAMBA Ndigbo (Chairman of the occasion), His Excellency, Chief Ikedi Ohakim, former governor, Imo State, House of Assembly members, cabinet members, captains of industries, traditional rulers, the high and low in the society in attendance.

Everyone was united in gratitude for a son who has done and still doing much for his people. At the event again, he announced a special roving loan to the nine local government areas in Owerri Zone, N5m each to be managed by the Foundation. The icing on the cake was the presence of His Grace, Archbishop A. J. V Obinna, the Catholic Archbishop of Owerri Archdiocese who blessed the empowerment items.

It is most regrettable that some people for reasons best known to them, donating themselves to the devil to abuse and denigrate the good intentions and achievements of Prince Alex Mbata.

While the voices are that of Jacob, the hands remain that of Esau. It is most unfortunate, sad, disheartening and regrettable that people could allow themselves to be so cheaply and evilly used. Those who profess and propagate evil shall end up reaping evil. The wrath of God will certainly fall on this group of Sanhedrin and Ahitohiels. Let’s note that the Bible says, “He God has blessed, no one can curse”

“Surely,” the Bible says, “they shall gather, but because they gather not in His name, they shall be scattered.” Those who are for good, shall reap good, those who choose evil, shall see evil daily.

As the sun shines, so shall God continue to bless the efforts of Prince Alex Mbata for his good intentions for the people. Those who challenge this, will end up like those who shake the great iroko tree, they shake their hands and hearts. They will scatter like the dust before the winds.

God’s hands are on Prince Alex Mbata, his eyes are on the ball. He is always the Victor. This is God’s design. This the ABM Global Humanistic Touch.

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