2027 Imo Governorship: Ohakim Remains The Pawn In The Chess Board. BY PROMISE ONYEWUCHIM

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I feel very humbled that our harmless letter to the leadership of Imo Council Of Elders in response to their clarion call for inputs on the Imo Charter Of Equity has drawn so much attention and infact became a reference topical discourse in Imo polity.

Though the afore mentioned letter was highjacked by the fifth columnists and divulged to the press thus opened up all manner of discussions both for and against on the Imo Charter Of Equity.

Up till this time no one has come up to contradict our position in that well researched piece which compared and contrasted Governorship sharing formulas in the Southeast zone rather what we read from opponents of that position is tantrums.

We are not surprised or perturbed because according to Socrates WHEN THE DEBATE IS LOST , INSULTS BECOME THE LOSER’S TOOL .

But then, we thank God for our elders like Ndaa Bob Njemanze, Ndaa Paddy Obinna and other fellow progressive minded Owere indigenes, these are men of courage and integrity who insisted as well as stood for the truth as they have consistently maintained as well as aligned themselves with the bitter truth that Okigwe Zone should be allowed to complete their tenure which was truncated in 2011.

Ever since this Charter Of Equity became a topical issue in our State, i have never stopped to pray to God to open the eyes of my Owere people to see the intrigues inherent in the game plan of 2027.

As a political analyst/strategist, I feel very sad that on a daily basis my Owere brethren in different social media platforms continue to boast and cling on to a purported statement credited to the Governor His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma that he would ensure power goes to Owerri Zone after his tenure in 2027.

My people swallowed this hook and sink and failed to see this as a Political Statement without any commitment and can be likened to talks by men to soften a woman’s heart when you want to sleep with her .

If at all such a vague promise was made shortly before Governor Uzodimma’s re-election just to pacify Owerri Zone to support his second term bid, the question now should be how far and to what extent did owerri zone support his re-election?

Even if taken for granted but not conceding to it, Did Owerri Zone truly vote for him massively as to warrant or justify whatever promise he was said to have made?

A critical analysis of Governor Uzodimma’s re-election results showed that his Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma got the least vote from Owerri Zone!

Even from same Owerri Zone, our own Owerri Federal constituency gave him the least votes, so what moral justification do anyone have to confront him if he decides to pay back allegiance based on what was given to him at the polls?

Politics is an investment, the higher your stakes the higher your dividends, that’s to say that the higher your votes the higher your rewards,you reap what you sowed.

I wish my brethren from Owerri Zone will thread softly with Care on this Charter Of Equity and wear their Thinking and Tactical Cap.

Political historians in Imo state have not forgotten the Good and Wonderful Relationship between His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma and His Excellency Governor Ikedi Ohakim since the inception of this democracy in 1999 till date.

If at all Governor Uzodinma should reward allegiance and loyalty, the Sole and Major Beneficiary should be his long term friend and ally, Chief Ikedi Ohakim who ran with him under A.D party (Alliance for Democracy) in 2003.

Infact, Chief Ikedi Ohakim based on his conviction of Charter Of Equity had to step down for Sen. Uzodimma (Orlu Zone)and became his running mate to challenge Governor Achike Udenwa(also Orlu Zone) just to ensure that power doesn’t leave that zone in 2003.

Good enough Governor Udenwa from Orlu Zone won his second term.

Political historians will also remind nde owere that it was His Excellency Chief Ikedi Ohakim as a Governor then that fought and gave Sen. Hope Uzodinma his first ticket to the Senate.

Both men has been very close friends for years with mutual respect for each other till date.

Till date all the opponents of Chief Ikedi Ohakim have not accused him of fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of imo funds or grabbing of people’s or public lands.

Ohakim has been Tried, Tested, Trusted and has been found worthy of leadership that will take Imo to a greater and enviable height in 2027.

Governor Ohakim was to handover power after his second term to a prominent son of Owerri Zone but retrogressive forces from within owerri zone(who didn’t like Ohakim’s preference )colluded with outsiders to truncate his second term .

The Catholic Church and Father Eustace Okorie(the priest allegedly flogged by Governor Ohakim’s security operatives) have all regretted and apologized for their involvement in that campaign of calumny against an innocent man who meant well not only for Owerri Zone but the entire State.

Ndi imo can not talk about Fairness, Justice and Equity if we don’t Restitute and Correct the injustice metted against Ikedi Ohakim in 2007.


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