As fireworks over the Imo APC Congresses continue unabated, Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha has said the stakeholders can only “cage” him in the offices of the party’s National Chairman, Chief John Oyegun and the National Organizing Secretary, Chief Osita Izunaso.


In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Sam Onwuemedo, he said the stakeholders are on a vendetta mission “over his his innocent and patriotic stand on the issue of tenure elongation”

He stated that ” all those in the insolvent group called coalition are all beneficiaries of Okorocha’s political successes in Imo”

The full Statement reads:



The so- called Imo stakeholders can only “cage” Governor Rochas Okorocha like they have claimed in the media in the offices of the National Chairman of the party, Chief John Oyegun and the National Organising Secretary of the Party, Chief Osita Izunaso, who are on vendetta mission against the governor over his innocent and patriotic stand on the issue of tenure elongation.

And in any case only ingrates can claim caging the man God used to uplight them politically. All those in the insolvent group called coalition are all beneficiaries of Okorocha’s political successes in Imo.

If they have the capacity why are they dodging going to the field for the congresses, but they preferred making away with the sensitive materials for the congresses and going into hotels to write results.

Mind you, Governor Okorocha has never played politics with the elite in the state. And that is part of their anger. The governor’s greatest political base and asset is the grassroot, that is still intact for him. These stakeholders are deceiving themselves. They know they cannot fly.

Rochas is the biggest asset of APC in the South-East and in Imo in particular. Even today, the only person the party needs to sustain Imo as APC state and make enroute into other states in the zone is Rochas Okorocha. Take it or leave it when the chips are down, the truth will become clearer.

A group led by a man who contested governorship election in 2007 and failed, and in 2011 and failed and also in 2015 and failed cannot cage a man who won the governorship election in 2011 without the elite and got re-elected in 2015, also without the elite.

One would have thought that the outcome of the Anambra state governorship election would have made some of the National Working Committee members of the party to be in a position to detach noise making from reality. In Imo, the reality is that Governor Okroocha holds the ace. Ditto, in the South East.

For 2019, with God on his side and with Imo people, Rochas holds the key. They know it. They are only keen in the structures of the party in the state and not in the election victory of the party. And only a party that wants to reduce its fortunes would toy with a man that had submerged all the big names in the state and won the guber election in the state for two times, because of the rantings of some selfish politicians.

Take this home. If election is about the electorate going to the pooling booths to vote for candidates of their choice, then in 2019, Governor Okorocha will end his tenure in grandstyle by having a successor of his choice that would sustain the momentum of the rapid development and growth his government has ushered into the state.

These stakeholders should be advised to come to Imo and play politics and not in Abuja. They should also tell the public why they were caught writing their list for the congresses in a hotel in Abuja.

Rochas Okorocha is on ground in Imo. Some of these stakeholders do not have PVC. Some do not go home from January to December. None has empowered anybody. And what are they going to tell Imo people for them to forget about a man who gave them free education and has developed the state beyond their imaginations.

Sam Onwuemeodo

Chief Press Secretary To The Governor


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