A photo posted by facebook user, Ukachukwu Igboanusi of a disabled woman taking her twin children to school in Owerri has elicited reactions on the social media.


Igboanusi in hi post commended the woman for showing strong character and proving that there is ability in disability.

Some of the responses on the post read thus:

Casca Ohanele: It is not enough to sympathize with her. I dont think she needs sympathy, what she needs is action to make things easier for her kids to go and come back from school daily. Can any sincere Keke person volunteer to do that? Let the person calculate how much it will cost to that monthly. Get the information across and the ladies contact too as she will be the one to confirm if the keke is doing the job judiciously to earn his or her monthly pay..

Kissinger Ikeokwu: I know her in Govt House during Achike Udenwa. I missed her. Over 10,years I saw her. Pls inbox me her number. God bless you for raising this post. I am moved to tears here.

Kelechi Kingsley: I want to join those that will contribute to get a taxi man that will be taking them to school everyday. Ukachukwu igboanusi has my number.
U no get job? How can u stand for 10mins watching people? Did this woman ask you for help? You are a Rochas minion, did you inform him about the need for wheelchair accessibility programs; transportation or even ask if he has any plan to assist disabled ppl? Apparently, disabled people are not his constituency


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