There is widespread rejection to the set up of a shadow government proposed by the opposition in Imo State.

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Dr.Fabian Ihekweme had proposed a shadow government in the State.

Groups and key stakeholders in the State have kicked against the move, saying it is “needless and unnecessary”

The Imo Awareness Coalition, IAC, a political study group said “while a shadow government is not out of the blues, it is totally unnecessary in Imo State at the moment because, there are existing mechanisms to put the government of the day in check

“It is only valid in a parliamentary system of government which does not exist in the Federal Republic of Nigeria which Imo State is part of” said Fidelis Echendu, Publicity Secretary, IAC.

Mr. Gideon Egbuofor, an Imo State born U.S based political analyst said “Imo State is not ripe yet for such complex mode of governance.

“Shadow government in Imo State is needless. What is required is a vibrant opposition that will keep an eye on the activities of the present government in Imo State.

He said it is unlawful, stating that in the UK where it is operational, a shadow government is backed by the law.

“Which law backs a Shadow Government in Imo State?

“I think opposition in Imo State is not organized and seem not to be getting its acts together in dealing with the government of the day

“The opposition in Imo State is enveloped by the craze to get the courts to upturn the victory of the Governor at the elections.That is no opposition, we call it systemic opposition

“An opposition that operates that way can never be taken seriously

Mr. Ukachukwu Onwukwe, an Owerri based legal practitioner said Shadow government in Imo State is an invitation to confusion.

“Shadow government in Imo State is uncalled for. Those suggesting it are losing sight of the fact that there is no law that backs such.

“It is like running a parallel government and the Constitution of the Federal Republic does not make give legal teeth to such.

“It’s dead on arrival, the opposition should rather gird it’s loins, come up with a united front. That is how opposition works in civilized climes, not through the backdoor



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