Imo Guber: The Phone Call That Never Took Place

by admin

Hello my brother, Good morning ….

“Yes, whom am I speaking to ….

Perhaps, you have lost my number. It’s your successor. I called, for us to discuss as brothers. We need to bury the hatchet. I know how you feel over the loss of your seat. You are an asset to our State and we need to work together to give our people prosperity.


(Momentary pause on both sides)

“I hope you really understood what I said.

“Perfectly. I heard you.

“What’s your take on my proposal. I m extending an olive branch to you. Let us close ranks and make Imo work again.

“My hands are not tied. Imo was working perfectly when I was in office.

Lets make it work much better now. As you must have observed, my administration retained some of your policies and initiatives because they are good for the State. I m not the vindictive type. Imo belongs to all of us. We need to move the State forward now. It’s not all about APC and PDP anymore. It’s about our State.

“Really. And you think the people will be receptive to a government that never emerged from the ballot.

“How do you mean?

“You heard me.

The people have already embraced this government that will guarantee their prosperity. You must assimilate that fact. It’s the bitter truth.

“You are wrong. How will they believe a government which never emerged through their votes.

Their votes were tampered with and excluded. And now they are happy their votes have been counted and restored.

“They are still in shock over the magic judgement that removed the government that came from the ballot.Any government that did not originate through their votes do not have legitimacy in their eyes.

Legitimacy? When the highest court in the land has given my administration the seal of legitimacy to function. Yours was a mere contraption, an illegal government. In the eyes of the law, you never functioned or existed as number one citizen.

“You forgot you are benefactor of a magic judgement.The people remain skeptical about your intergrity based on your antecedents which is well known in the public domain.

All that exist in your imagination. I have no skeletons in my cupboard

“You think so..

Sure. You better face reality and accept my hand of friendship for the good of our State.

“History will be unkind to me if I work with you and I cannot associate with a government enthroned into power via magic judgement.

Magic judgement? (Laughter). You are insulting our learned Justices…..

“I never did. You are the one who said so.

“let’s bury our differences for the sake of our State. We were on litigation for too long.This is the time to work.

“You should have extended this hand of friendship when I was in charge and not to run to various courts in the land seeking to undo my government. The State was been rebuilt during my time. After eight years of the locust, the people had cause to smile again.

“You were not widely voted for by our people. You had no spread. You were mainly voted for, by your kinsmen and that was not enough to make you the number one citizen. The Peoples government is now in place.

“You and co invented all that.
Just to bring me down, you had to swallow your vomit and wine with Oro and Ara, all in a bid to truncate the people’s mandate freely given to me.

They are members of my political family. No permanent friend, permanent interest. Besides, you had the opportunity to cross over. You never did. And besides there was no mandate given to you.

“I will never do so. Not now, not in the future. I had a mandate freely given to me by the people. You better understand that.

let’s make progress. Stop crying over split milk. You are no saint. Most of the party primaries you won in the past were manipulated in your favour. You did it to Ara in 2014. Sam suffered the same fate in your hands in 2019.

“They invented all that cock and bull story. I won those primaries. And have you ever won any either? What is your business, you are not a member of my party.

“I m in charge now remember. I call the shots now.

“Really. You call the shots with a questionable mandate.

It’s pleased our Lord justices, who thought otherwise and replaced illegality with legality. I m not the Judges.

“Not all the Judges reason the same way.

Like I said come along let’s make Imo better. No more protests, no more media fights, they game is up. Imo is first now.

” Oh I See”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This write up is a mere fiction.


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