The Imo State Government says it will no longer tolerate with kid gloves “the continued littering of the environment with billboards and branded campaign vehicles of the past general elections”

A statement credited to Special Adviser, Political to the Governor, Batos Nwadike, said the State government will not tolerate the “nuisance created by the campaign billboards and branded vehicles. The owners of the billboards and branded vehicles should as a matter of urgency strip them within a period of 14 days.

“Failure to do so would leave the Government with the only option of using it’s agencies to strip the billboards and impound the branded campaign vehicles”the statement warned

This latest warning, according to analysts, could be targetted at the opposition whose campaign posters, billboards still litter some major roads in the State capital.

The statement stated that all over the world elections are periodic.

“Nigeria is no exception. Moreover, in keeping with the Electoral Act, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has stipulations on when campaign materials such as billboards should be hoisted and branded vehicles allowed

“The processes for the 2019 general elections having been concluded, this is the time for governance. Imo people should no longer be given the false impression of a State preparing for elections, as the next general elections are still far away



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