A socio political group, The Owerri Zone Watch, has slammed an ongoing online poll, on the next Senator for Imo East Senatorial zone, saying the exercise is manipulated and tailored to favour a particular senatorial candidate.

Emeka Mgburuka, Co- ordinator of the group, in a statement in Owerri, said the online poll is pre determined, designed, manipulated and configured to favour a particular senatorial candidate, who in reality, cannot earn the votes of the good people of Imo East to emerge the winner of Imo East Senatorial election on February 25, 2023.

“The online poll is a fraud. There are proofs that it has been compromised by tech experts recruited by the desperate senatorial candidate to manipulate the process and portray him as winner of the fake online polls and a major contender for Imo East Senate race next year.

“Already,there has been complaints by some online voters whose votes for their preferred candidates in the so called online poll were rejected and denied, even when they have not voted in the process for the first time.

“We urge the good people of Owerri zone, both those at home and in the Diaspora to ignore the online poll, which is a clear manifestation of the desperation of a particular senatorial candidate and his agents to hoodwink, cajole and deceive the electorate in the zone, to believe that he stands a chance to win the senatorial contest come February 2023.

“This particular online poll is a hogwash and deceptive, as investigations further prove that only candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, vying for various elective positions are strangely gaining the upper hand in the voting process.

“The online poll is a jamboree, a flash in the pan, concoted by idle minds, who pitiably believe that votes are cast and counted on the social media and elections won on the internet.

“They are held hostage by their unbalanced mental condition which gives them the false belief of securing victory at the senatorial polls, even when it is evident that the good people of the zone have already shown their preference for Owerri zone senate.

“It is the people of Owerri zone, particularly those with their Permanent Voters Card, PVCs, will decide who will represent them at the red Chambers of the Senate, and not bunch of e rats who roam on the social media space to spew gibberish to deceive the people.

“We are aware of the efforts and the hardwork of some of the candidates who are not relenting in their campaigns and consultations , which in the long run has translated to enormous support for their aspirations.

“We remain confident that the votes of the people of the zone will count and certainly the peoples Senator and not a Senator from the blues will emerge” the statement stated.


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