A Peace and Fact Finding Committee is organizing a two days peace summit, geared towards restoring peace, harmony and understanding among the people of Owerri Nchi Ise (Owerri Municipal).

The event will be held on February 10 and 11, 2023, at Old Owerri Township Stadium, Tetlow Road, Owerri.

Leader of the committee, the Chief Priest of Owerre Nchi Ise,(Onye Isi Ala Owerre), Reginald Nwakom Ejiogu, told INNONEWS in an interview, that the summit or Round Table is designed to address issues affecting the people of Owerri

He noted that since the creation of autonomous communities in Owerri, the area has “jumped from one problem to another”

He said “There is no central leadership in Owerri anymore. We have been quarelling among ourselves.Litigations against each other has become the order of the day.

“Everyone is on his own. Our Age Grades system have been descreated. Some of them are factionalized. Non Indigenes now head our Age Grades.A lot has gone wrong in Owerri Nchi Ise.

“Our Women group (Ndom Owerre), do have 15 President Generals. This tells you the level of division amongst them.

“There is also Youth restivenes. Our Youths no longer want to learn a trade. They are more concerned about toll collection at markets and motor parks.

“The number of Nde Oha (Elders) have declined so badly. From 32 of them, we now have just 8. This is worrisome and disturbing.

“The essence of the meeting is for Owerri people to have a heart to heart talk to sort out our differences to enable us move forward.

“We need to champion a new cause. A Fact Finding Committee has prepared a report which we want our people to deliberate on at the summit.

“After the summit, we should be able to move forward. The summit or Round Table is not a political rally. We will not entertain politicians and rallies at the summit.We have invited specific people to the event” he stated.

He expressed regret that the disunity in Owerri has greatly affected the reverred Oru Owerre Cultural festival.

“Anytime we want to celebrate Oru Owerre, it becomes a problem. It has gotten so bad that policemen take over the event whenever the event wants to take place.

“Security report about the festival is disturbing, our people resort to writing petions upon petitions before the event.

“State Governors no longer attend our cherished Oru Owerre Festival. But they do attend similar festivals in Orlu, Oguta and Mbaise. There is no more regard for our Oru Owerre festival”

He expressed hope that after the summit, Owerre Nchi Ise would be better and the much elusive peace would return to the area.


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