The 2023 presidential election may lead to a constitutional crisis.

As the results stand, it is likely that Bola Tinubu, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, will have the highest number of valid votes and secure 25% votes in at least 24 states in the country.

But did Tinubu really meet the requirements to be declared winner of the polls? This is so because the 1999 Constitution states that a winner of the presidential election must have 25% in 24 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

Results from the FCT showed that Obi polled 61 % of the votes cast, PDP’s Atiku Abubakar had 16.1%,while Tinubu had 19.8% of the total votes cast in Abuja.

But some analysts argue that the FCT is not a State.

Ernest Obi, a political analyst, said both Atiku and Tinubu have 25% in 24 states, which Obi did not get.

“The FCT is not a state. I do not foresee run a off” he said.

But Dan Opara, a historian, said the law must be adhered to.

Her said “The law says 25 percent and 24 states for a winner to be declared. Tinubu and Atiku did not meet the requirement of winning 25 percent in the FCT. Obi did get 25 % in FCT. We watch and see how it goes”


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