As Governorship and House of Assembly elections hold on Saturday, 11th of March, 2023, the APC candidate for Ohaji/Egbema State Constituency Seat, High Chief Dr. Uzoma Francis Osuoha, has reassured the people of Ohaji/Egbema of his resolve and commitment to meet their welfare (wellbeing), install amenities, as well as empower youths and women.

Eze Buguma said the wise decision was aimed at making the people live with good health, enjoy prosperity, pleasantness and happiness devoid of crisis, insecurity and dejectedness.

He made the promise when he spoke to our reporter in Owerri on Tuesday after a political meeting involving his campaign team, APC members and his supporters.

The philanthropist and illustrious son of Ohaji/Egbema harped that the welfare: health, safety, happiness, economic prosperity and wellbeing of the people of the area are very sacrosanct hence he vowed to make and support legislations and motions that would make them realisable and available to the people.

He added that road, water, electricity, employment of youths and women will be given priority attention with a view to encouraging the people to engage in productive activities that will place food on their tables, provide finance to them, saying when the people especially youths and women are meaningfully occupied, there would be minimal or zero crime and violence at the oil rich area.

While appreciating the people of Ohaji/Egbema for their support, the business mogul implored them to consider him fit, qualified, good for the legislative job and come out in their numbers to vote largely for him to enable him become their representative, so that the renaissance they have been yearning for would be feasible and attainable.

“If you give me your mandate to represent Ohaji/Egbema in Imo State House of Assembly on Saturday, 11th of March, 2023, I will not fail you, but will ensure that I advance your welfare, infrastructure, empower youths and women, assist them financially to engage in trade, education, artisanship, farming and other productive activities to enable them beat poverty, suffering, hardship, crime and insecurity. I will render proper representation, as well as work with all relevant people to ensure that what the people need to live pleasantly, peacefully, comfortably, happily and prosperously are effectively, efficiently and fairly met”, Osuoha maintained.


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