In order to advance peace, development and security in Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area, the APGA candidate in the 2023 Imo State House of Assembly poll, Nze Ferdinand Amanze, has accepted results of the election hence he heartily congratulated the APC candidate, Hon. Francis Uzoma Osuoha (Eze Buguma) for emerging victorious.

Amanze, an indigene of Umuokanne autonomous community, Ohaji, in a letter he personally signed, stated that he accepted the election results with his heart, because he wants the locality to move forward while living in peace, harmony, comfort, prosperity and without violence of any kind.

According to him, the “Restoration Family 2023, N.F.A. Campaign Council. Dear Hon. Francis Uzoma Osuoha, congratulations to you for your emergence as the next representative of Ohaji/Egbema at the Imo State House of Assembly. Weldone on your successful election campaign. It was great to see that you were announced the winner of the 2023 House of Assembly contest to represent our constituency at IMHA”.

He added “my brother, remember that this contest would not have been interesting had you been the only one in the contest. That we were six or more contestants from Ohaji alone showed strong agitation that it is time for an Ohaji person to represent the constituency. The Ohaji clan prayed and waited for it and our Senior Citizens laboured to make it a reality, a reality that you, an Ohaji man, had won, no matter how it differed from the expectation of the masses and the great Restoration Family”.

Amanze reiterated that “on behalf of my Restoration Family members and N.F.A. Ambassadors both home and overseas and my Campaign Council, I congratulate you. Our ideological belief for a just and equitable distribution of, and equal access to our commonwealth which God blessed Ohaji/Egbema with remains indomitable and reflects our uncompromising reality that political god-fatherism has done Ohaji/Egbema more harm than good”.

He prayed that Eze Buguma will use this opportunity of his “representation to alleviate the sufferings of the poor rural peasants and facilitate employment opportunities for our teaming unemployed youths. With this alone, you will have written your name in gold in every heart of Ohaji/Egbema person and you will be celebrated”.

“More so, beloved brother, remember that running election in our LGA is a Herculean task because most of our past representatives had destroyed political trust from the electorate. The hissing from the masses during the campaign period is a reflection of how the past leaders betrayed their trust. Please, don’t toe the same path.Sir, I would hope that above all, you will continue to be a true Ohaji man and will provide the much needed support for a better and stronger Ohaji, while ensuring a harmonious coexistence with our brothers in Egbema, as what God joins together, no man should put asunder”, the APGA candidate maintained.

While thanking all Ohaji/ Egbema sons and daughters for the peaceful conduct of the election, more especially the calm composure of Ohaji youths in the face of leadership challenges, Amanze told the winner to “accept the assurances of my support. I will not challenge your victory in court”.


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