My Dream For Imo Will Never Be Aborted- Ogunewe Sends Powerful Message To Supporters

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Jack Ogunewe, a retired Major General of the Nigerian Army and governorship aspirant of the Labour party in Imo State, has vowed that his dream for Imo State will never be aborted, no matter the obstacles on his way.

Ogunewe had vied for Imo Labour party governorship ticket which he lost, in controversial circumstances to Senator Athan Achonu.

In his message to his supporters, he expressed his gratitude to the teeming supporters, for the love, prayers and support for his governorship candidacy.

“This love which cuts across the 3 Senatorial Zones of Orlu, Okigwe and Owerri is organic and flows out of the conviction that Imo State is broken and needs to be fixed through our Imo Reset Agenda 2023. The thrust of this Agenda is resolving the insecurity in Imo State and providing a conducive environment for business and investment to thrive. This thrust will unleash the creative energies of Ndi Imo like never before. I want to assure you that this dream will never be aborted no matter the obstacles on the way. In this Agenda, I am only the Lead Servant with character, competence and integrity” he wrote in his statement.

He noted that “his political path within these past few months has been a tunnel of crude education, gross enlightenment and exposure as the sphere of mainstream politics is filled with interests, intrigues, twists and turns, thrills, actions and horrors in which one can only adopt wisdom in meandering through the odds of political obstacles that run counter to the wishes and aspirations of the people. 

“A few with their kneels on our necks wants us to glory in the game of transactional politicking than earning the trust of majority of the suffering masses in deciding who shall serve them. This yoke must surely be broken for us to progress in life. 

“The political need of Imo state can only be better when preference is angled on Character, Capacity, Empathy, Vision, Transparency and Accountability and moving away from party based politics to candidacy based politics.” he declared.

Ogunewe noted that abuse of power has been the order of the day in Imo State.

“Unfortunately, the abuse of power has been the order of rulership in Imo State in the recent past where wealth without enterprise and purpose reign supreme thereby creating agitations and insecurity in the land. Added to this, is the fear culture that has gripped Imolites making us to live as a people under siege. Fear dehumanizes and takes away the dignity in us. Restoration of the dignity of all Imolites is of utmost priority in the Imo Reset Agenda 2023. 

He urged his supporters not to be “broken or discouraged in your undying love and support for me and the Imo Reset Agenda 2023″

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