Dredging Of Oguta/Orashi River, A Game Changer For Imo State- Osibanjo

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The Federal Government has lauded the expansion of the Imo State economy through the Orashi Free Trade Zone project embarked upon by the Imo State Governor, DSenator Hope Uzodimma.

The Vice President described the Oguta/Orashi project as the “game changer for Imo State, Nigeria, and the West Coast of Africa”.

He further disclosed that it is one of a kind project with benefits that have always been glaring.

According to the Vice President, we all owe Governor Hope Uzodimma gratitude for bringing hope to our Nation and our Sub-region.

He urged the Governor to keep up the good work in attracting more development for the State and the nation through his purpose-driven governance and leadership.

The Vice President disclosed that the project will fulfill the promise of radical sea route transformation from Imo State to the Atlantic Ocean, which will not only be beneficial to the state’s economy, but the economy of the South-East, the region, and to the nation.

The Imo State Governor Senator Hope Uzodimma in his address, expressed confidence and optimism for the economic boom through the full realization of the project.

According to the Governor, the project can make the South-East region a robust self-sufficient economy.

The Governor added that the project will also checkmate crude oil thefts and illegal bunkers, which will save the collective wealth of the State and the nation.

The Governor commended President Muhammadu Buhari for many generous acts, especially thr recent approval for the declaration of the Orashi River as an Oil and Gas Free Trade Zone and the proposed Sea route from Orashi River, Degema to the Atlantic Ocean.

He also appreciated the Vice President for being part of the joyous celebration with Ndi Imo.

He further promised that the Shared Prosperity administration will establish industrial clusters around the region especially industries that will use the Gas deposits in the State, which will further trigger industrial development in the region

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