Five months to the November 11 governorship election in Imo State, some public policy analysts have identified four major issues, which the 17 governorship candidates should explain to Imolites, how they intend to achieve.

The analysts who spoke to INNONEWS contend that insecurity, infrastructure and human development, youth empowerment and education, are the four major issues, which requires urgent attention in Imo State.

They also strongly advised the governorship candidates to engage in issues driven campaigns and not resort to mudslinging.

Fred Unanka, a public policy analyst told INNONEWS that all the 17 governorship candidates should proffer solutions to the frightening level of insecurity in the State.

“Insecurity is our biggest challenge in Imo State.

“With insecurity, you cannot talk of development. There can be no significant economic progress in an insecure environment.

“The governorship candidates should tell Imolites how they will completely end insecurity in Imo State.

“Any candidate that shies away from this critical issue, has no business to be in the governorship contest” he said.

He recalled that Imo State has been plagued by insecurity in recent times which led to several killings and abductions.

Infrastructure development also featured prominently on the list of the analysts, as a priority which most of the candidates should address.

Ernest Njoku, a freelance journalist, argued that the decay of critical infrastructure in the State is alarming and unacceptable.

“I can’t remember any functional industry in the State.Most of the industries which Dee Sam Mbakwe built are in bad shape or no longer exist.

“We need to revive these industries and build new ones.

“Industrialization should be a major agenda in the manifesto of all the governorship candidates, and they should unveil to Imolites how they will revive these industries and create opportunities to build new ones.

“More attention should be given to our roads.

“I however commend the present government for doing a lot in this regard. But their efforts ought to be redoubled.

“Roads are major component of infrastructure development” he said.

The analysts also identified youth empowerment and human development as major driving force of the Imo economy, which the governorship candidates should speak to Imolites how they intend to realize it.

Mrs Nkeiruka Ukoha, a content creator, said no State can advance without a policy framework on youth empowerment and human development.

“Do we have a policy on human development in Imo State? Certainly not.

“We need to expand the economy of the State. The enormous resources abound in the State needs a clear blueprint on how to harness it for our benefit.

“What we have in the State is a public service driven economy and such economy cannot drive human development or ensure youth empowerment.

“Our governorship candidates must be specific on how to empower our youths, and tell us in practical terms, how they will reconfigure the economy of the State if they are elected.

“I will appreciate any of the candidates who will tell us or show to Imolites, a workable roadmap or blueprint to achieve human development, youth empowerment and quality education” she said.

She argued that Imolites will need to know what plans the candidates have to revamp education in the State.

“Primary and secondary education needs to be revived. The tertiary institutions, especially the ones which are run by the state government ought to be improved” She said.


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