Recalling Alex Mbata’s Giant Strides

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Prince Alex Mbata is rare gift to humanity.

Consistent, firm, diligent and imbued with the fear of God.

Like a King, he has not waivered, despite what happened during the Owerri Zone Senatorial election.

Many attest that the outcome of Owerri zone Senate election, does not reflect the genuine wishes of the people of the zone, because they truly voted and wanted Mbata as their Senator.

He had a bond with them. And he still retains such bond, because he has not stopped in empowering the people.

Mbata, the business tycoon, the philanthropist extraordinaire, was the All Progressives Congress, APC, Senatorial candidate for Owerri zone in the February 25, 2023 National Assembly election.

He holds the enviable record of the largest investor in human development in Owerri zone, considering his enormous contributions to the development and growth of the zone.

*One Of The Roads Built By Prince Alex Mbata in Owerri, Imo State capital. The Road Was Named After Mbata By Governor Hope Uzodimma*

Before the Senatorial election, the billionaire businessman had doled out a whopping N1bn, in aid and philanthropy, empowering over 50,000 indigenes of Owerri zone drawn from the nine local governments.

Men, women, youths, the elderly all benefitted from Mbata’s milk of human kindness, with the Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma, in attendance at one of the several mega empowerment Programmes held at Ndubuisi Kanu Square, Owerri held in December 2022.

Uzodimma apparently overwhelmed by Mbata’s massive empowerment scheme, called on public office holders in the State, to emulate the business man cum politician by assisting their people at all times.

Mbata went beyond philanthropy. He contributed to the infrastructure development of his State. He built roads singlehandedly. From Owerri Municipal to Owerri North, he used his personal funds to execute some impressive roads projects, which stands the test of time.

*Gov Hope Uzodimma Waving To Beneficiaries Of Prince Mbata’s Empowerment Programme*

Despite the outcome of the Owerri zone Senatorial election, Mbata has kept faith. He remains resolute and has continued at all times, to maintain his undiluted support for Governor Hope Uzodimma and the All Progressives Congress, APC, at the Zonal, State and National levels.

He has remained the major contributor to the growth of APC in Owerri senatorial zone and in Imo State.

*Some Items For The Indigent In Owerri Zone Courtesy Of Prince Alex Mbata*

He had doled out huge funds to oil the operations of the party, including payment of rent of the offices of nine local governments in Owerri zone for several years.

Prior to the February election, Mbata, as a true and loyal party man, supported all the APC candidates in Owerri zone vying for election with funds, despite being a contestant for the Senate seat. And despite the outcome of the election, he has remained an unrepentant disciple of the party and continued his unflinching support.

As the 2023 governorship election draws near, Governor Hope Uzodimma should rely on the support of Mbata, because he remains the rallying point for the people of the zone, to achieve resounding success at the polls.

He has remained a pillar for the party in Imo State and will continue to do so because of his firm belief in the policies and Programmes of the Uzodimma administration, and the ideals of the APC

*Gov Hope Uzodimma and Prince Alex Mbata, At The Commissioning Of A Road Single-Handedly Built By Prince Mbata*

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