Save Imo, a pressure group in Imo State, has expressed concern over the mess of insecurity in the State and the joke being made out of by some politicians and their media hirelings about it.

In a statement signed by the group’s Head, media, communication and publicity, Christopher Udoka Henry for the group’s founder, Ebubeagu Ekenulo, Save Imo pointed fingers at a member of the House of Representatives from the State, Ikenga Ugochinyere Imo and former PDP spokesperson, Collins Opuruzor of fueling the jokes about insecurity in the State

The statement reads:

“Hon Ikenga Ugochinyere  Imo is incessantly attacking and accusing Governor Hope Uzodimma of being the one fueling and perpetrating insecurity in Imo State

“Comrade Collins Opuruozor, ex Imo PDP Spokesperson and now of APC, is also accusing Imo PDP candidate, Senator Samuel Anyanwu of fueling and perpetrating  insecurity in Imo State

 “At SAVE IMO, we have observed with dismay and strong emotions the huge joke being made out of insecurity by politicians and their media aides and hirelings.

“The issue of the sacredness of life is very critical, and if you like, chief of the fundamental human rights; but here we watch our politicians rack jokes and trivialize insecurity.

“We can’t be joking with serious issues of insecurity, killings, kidnapping for ransom, armed robbery, banditry etc. which has held the state and South East down for sometime, all because, we want to win the November 11 Governorship election by all means.

“We had early on advised all political parties, their Gubernatorial candidates and sued for issue based campaign stumps.

“Politicizing insecurity is taking Imo people and the rest of Nigerians resident in Imo State, for granted.

“The accusations by activist Ikenga Ugochinyere Imo and the counter accusations by Comrade Collins Opuruozor are becoming too childish, laughable and insensitive to the emotions, intelligence and plight of the good people of Imo State and this is no longer acceptable.

“SAVE IMO has decided to intervene as the doyen of Civil society in Imo State with the knack to speak truth to power,  constructive criticisms and unbiased reputation.

“SAVE IMO’s intervention would be clinical and straight to the point.

“We are intervening to stop the infantile jokes”

“We shall address a World Press conference in Abuja after which we shall approach the appropriate quarters and relevant authorities for their interventions.

“Where, our legal team advised, we shall approach the Court” the statement concluded.


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