The South East Coalition for Good Governance, SECG, has described the hike in price of fuel, as a deliberate attempt by President Bola Tinubu’s administration, “to lead Nigerians to hell”

SECG’s reaction came on the heels of increment in price of petrol by Independent marketers from N520 to N617 per liter.

President Tinubu, had on May 29, announced that “fuel subsidy is gone”

In a statement in Enugu and signed by spokesman of the group,Okwudiri Offonry, he said “the recent hike in price of feul, is suffocating Nigerians”

“This is unacceptable and we wonder what manner of government will deliberately sit back and watch its citizens groan in pain, hardship and misery barely few weeks in office.

“It is strange that President Bola Tinubu had no laid down plans even before he was sworn in as president on how to effectively cushion the devastating and crushing effects of the removal of fuel subsidy

“The intention of his government to spend N500 billion on 12 million households as palliatives for the subsidy removal, clearly underscores the fact that his administration has no concrete plans to save Nigerians from the excruciating consequences of fuel subsidy removal.

“President Tinubu said he is giving N8,000 to 12 million households as palliatives to cushion the impact of feul subsidy.

“Can N8,000 get a decent pot of soup for a family?

“What is the fate to over 196 million Nigerians who will not get the misery N8,000 palliative fund, but are hunted by the biting effects of removal of fuel subsidy and hike in feul price.

“Allowing the price of petrol to be determined by market forces is a refection of the government’s lack of direction. It shows the government do not in any manner have the interest of Nigerians at heart and abandoned them to their fate.

SECG noted that President Tinubu seems to be totally disconnected from the realities on ground, “if not, he would not have subjected Nigerians to be buying fuel at N617 per liter, the highest in the world”

“This government is leading us to hell. We cannot continue to suffer like this. It is simply unbearable and it must stop now before a litre of petrol rise to N1,000.

“Nigerians cannot continue to bear the pain and misery anymore, moreso when inflation has hit 22.75 percent and the naira now exchange for N800 to a dollar.

“The suffering in the land is overwhelming and it is completely unacceptable to Nigerians” part of the statement read.


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