The South East Coalition For Good Governance, SECG, has advised President Bola Tinubu, to perish the thought of military intervention in Niger Republic.

Tinubu, who is also the Chairman of the ECOWAS Authorities of Heads of State had sought the approval of the Nigerian Senate for military intervention in the Niger, to restore constitutional order.

ECOWAS had also issued an ultimatum to the coup plotters in Niger to restore elected President Mohammed Bazoum or face stiffer sanctions and military action.

The ultimatum expired on Sunday.

About 10 senior military officers led by Colonel Major Amadou Abdramme had on July 27, announced a coup in Niger, ousting the elected President, Mohammed Bazoum, alleging poor governance and inability of his administration to tackle insecurity and other challenges bedeviling their country.

Reacting to the unfolding development in Niger, SECG in a statement in Enugu and signed by its President, Emmanuel Okwu, called on President Tinubu, to “drop the idea of ousting the coup plotters in Niger through military action

“Nigeria cannot afford a war. Not at this period the nation’s economy is wobbling because of bad policies. Military intervention in Niger is not an option to resolve the impasse in that country.

“Our Military is no longer strong as it was when it led the ECOMOG force in Liberia and Sierra Leone many years ago.

“The consequences of a war is too huge. Nigeria’s decadent economy and fragile security architecture cannot cope with the effects of a war.

“And SECG strongly advise our President to listen to the voice of reason and resist the temptation of going to war in Niger.

“Nigeria is burdened with many challenges- economic and political, and it would be an additional burden for the nation to embark on military action against a nation like Niger, whose relationship with Nigeria has been not so beneficial to us in all ramifications” part of the statement read.

SECG also called on the President “to focus his time and energy in confronting the worsening economic crisis in the country, which has unleashed untold hardship and suffering on Nigerians because of thoughtless removal of petrol subsidy”


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