PAM:Yesterday And Today Greater Inspiration

by admin
   Nze James Chinonyerem

I was drawn into discussions recently, as often about Prince Alex Mbata, PAM on his very engaging and compelling personality. Yes, many times I’m asked to make reviews of his touch and connects with his philosophy of uplifting the people and community as the surest means of growing and developing the society. How altruistic has this been in the face of the temporary hold on his Owerri zone senatorial quest.

As always, am intrigued and excited to discuss the phenomenon that defines the personality that is PAM. He remains a man that has been consistent in his words and deeds from the first time I saw him till now am seeing him.

He has never made pretenses nor gloated over his philosophical and practical commitments to do great good for the people devoid of political considerations. He devotes time, energies and resources as a divine calling to do this. He has never regretted his investments in human capacity developments neither has he lowered his resolves to continue to work his talks in godly devotions to the poor and needy. He has been insistent in his calls for upliftment of the down trodden. He has supported government at all levels as well as the organized private sectors to achieve this noble goal.

Prince Alex Mbata, PAM is happy and relaxed doing good. He understands the importance and sees to it’s actualization. Everytime with him is always like a first day, robust, engaging, lovely and inviting. With him, every good bye is a step back to him.

At every public fora, he gets the recognitions from the high, middle and low. He beams with smiles and shakes hands with all. He remains among the few not in competition with those he leads and not envious of their possible rise. He encourages them by providing the necessary enabling ladders for them to climb up. He spares time to ask about them, their families and undertakings. He advises, encourages and prays for them. This is vintage him. Whenever he is angry or not satisfies with any of them, he shows it in talks and moves on. He is not someone who keeps malice or stores anger to be used against anyone in a later day. I compare him with no one.

No doubt, he is destined for greatness and services to the people. Like I always say, it is morning yet on creation day for Prince Alex Mbata, PAM.

Yesterday, today and always, PAM remains a good product, worthy asset and greater inspiration for goodness to all who know him.

A man worth knowing he remains.

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