Senator Samuel Anyanwu (Samdaddy), the PDP candidate for governor in the Imo State governorship election on November 11, 2023, has pledged that if elected, he will put an end to dictatorship, corruption, killing, bullying, and harassment of innocent Imo residents, particularly young people.

Anyanwu made the pledge to PDP members on Tuesday during the official launch of the SamJones 2023 Campaign Organization at the state party headquarters in Owerri.

He urged PDP members to remain steadfast, devoted, and fearless in their fight to retake Imo State, in order to end the state’s poverty, misery, and insecurity and restore its dignity, joy, and confidence.

The PDP National Secretary declared that he is certain to win the election and that he has no enemies, because he cannot be intimidated or cowered by the APC , whom he accused of bringing poverty, suffering, hardship, and insecurity to Imo State.

He claimed that Douglas House will be vacant from May 29, 2023, and that he is coming to fill that position of authority.

The PDP’s candidate for governor declared, “I see no body in Imo Douglas House. The building will be vacant from May 29, 2023. I’m prepared to fill that gap. To revive our failing local governments, hospitals, other facilities, ministries, and civil service, I will easily win the election on November 11, 2023”


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