Ahead of the November 11 Imo State governorship election, opposition candidates are said to be unpopular and scarce in the consciousness of the average Imo voter.

Mr.FCC Jones Onwusoanya, a public affairs analyst, wrote in an article published on his Facebook page that the opposition candidates also lack name recognition among voters.

“The three major opposition candidates are very unpopular and scarce in the consciousness of the average Imo voter.

“To make matters worse, the trio has put up the most uninspiring campaign in Imo State. Boring radio jingles, the absence of strong media hands, lack of billboards, and other publicity materials across the state worsened their visibility among Imo voters.

“None of them has strong name recognition beyond their local villages and wards, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they lose their LGA in this election” Mr. Jones wrote.

Mr. Jones argued that the absence of a former governor of the state, Emeka Ihedioha, in the governorship race reduced the intensity of the contest.

“There would have been a semblance of a contest in the upcoming governorship election in Imo if a candidate like His Excellency Emeka Ihedioha was on the ballot.”he stated.

He also identified a lack of creativity by the opposition candidates as a major factor responsible for their poor visibility.

“All the creative campaign events happening in Imo State are by the incumbent

“The few opposition candidates who make attempts at campaigning only organize the usually boring campaign rallies, which unfortunately command an unimpressive crowd, mostly hired,” he wrote.


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