Some residents of Imo State have voiced out against the continued shut down of electricity by Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, EEDC.

Imo State has been in total darkness for three days.

EEDC, in a statement signed by Head of Communications, Emeka Ezeh, blamed the ongoing industrial action by workers in the state as the reason for the blackout.

The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Comrade Joe Ajaero, was attacked and arrested by the police after a failed attempt to lead Imo workers on protest on Wednesday in Owerri.

Reacting to the power outage across the state, a trader at Ekeonuwa market, Everest Anyaegbu, said Ajaero is overreaching himself by always directing EEDC to shut down power in the State whenever there is an industrial dispute.

“I pay my electricity bills regularly. I see no reason why he should direct EEDC to shut down power whenever there is a dispute between Labour and the state government.

Mr. Okechukwu Anyanwu, on his Facebook account, said Ajaero should stop punishing the people of Imo State.

“This Ajaero always takes pleasure in punishing the people of the state.

“Telling EEDC to cut out power supply across the state is economic sabotage.

“He is crippling businesses in the state, and his directive is anti-people because it is we, the masses, he is punishing and not the state governor, Hope Uzodimma

“He is increasing the level of hardship in the land by directing EEDC to cut power.

Bright Amadi, a student at Imo State University in Owerri, said the NLC President is being overbearing.

“How many Labour matters has he resolved in other states? Are there no industrial disputes between governments in other states and Labour? We have never heard him shut down power supplies in other states or embark on protests in those States.

“He should  seek other ways of handling the government of Senator Hope Uzodimma and not punishing the people of the state, which he claims he is protecting.

“Nothing has changed since Ajaero became NLC President. He only flexes his powers in Imo State because he is from here. Let him direct his energy towards Tinubu, who has removed fuel subsidy which has led to hardship across the country.


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