The Imo Awareness Coalition (IAC) has issued a stern warning to the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) over recent power outage in Imo State and has threatened to take the matter to court if the situation is not rectified within 48 hours.

Imo State has been plunged into darkness due to an ongoing dispute between labour and the Imo State government.

The blackout has significantly impacted on the residents of the state, and the IAC, which says it is representing electricity consumers in Imo, is demanding the immediate restoration of power across the State

The State Coordinator of the IAC, Hon Emmanuel Okwu, who spoke to newsmen in Owerri, Imo State capital, expressed the concerns of the affected consumers.

He emphasized that EEDC, a private electricity distribution company, should be held accountable for its actions, which have left residents in the State without power for days.

Okwu stated that EEDC had no legitimate reason to cut off electricity across the state when there was no dispute between the company, the government, or the consumers who faithfully pay their electricity bills.

He described EEDC’s actions as unnecessary, unwarranted, and damaging to residents and businesses in the State who rely on electricity for their daily activities.

Okwu said “The power outage in Imo State is a cause for concern not only for the affected consumers but also for the overall economy and security of the state.

“This blackout is the third incident of its kind in the state this year, and each time it occurs, consumers suffer.

“With the already challenging economic conditions in the country, marked by the removal of fuel subsidy, depriving consumers in Imo of electricity exacerbates the hardships they face”

Okwu stressed that the blackout constitutes an act of economic sabotage, crippling local businesses.

He pointed out that the high costs of fuel, transportation, and living, coupled with a lack of electricity, are pushing the people of Imo State to the brink.

He said “The IAC views this situation as unacceptable and is determined to seek justice for the affected consumers”

“We demand the swift restoration of power and we are ready to pursue legal action to ensure that the rights and needs of electricity consumers in Imo State are met” he stated.


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