In a brazen attack during the Imo State gubernatorial election, daring robbers targeted APC agents at All Saints Anglican Church, Egbu, in Owerri North Local Government Area making off with a staggering N1.5 million earmarked for vote buying.

The audacious robbery unfolded with the assailants storming the church premises, demanding money amidst gunfire, causing panic among both policemen and journalists who were present.

Eyewitness, Mr. Ekeocha recounted the shocking event, describing how the gunmen, initially appearing as regular voters, suddenly revealed their weapons.

Chaos ensued as everyone fled, leaving the robbers with their ill-gotten gains.

Ekeocha lamented, “Everything happened in less than two minutes as everyone had run away.

“They simply walked away into their vehicles, and sped off.”

This incident not only disrupted the electoral process but also underscored the vulnerability of polling stations across the State.


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