The Labour Party (LP) has affirmed its support for Athan Achonu, its governorship candidate in Imo State, as he prepares to contest Governor Hope Uzodimma’s victory in court.

Achonu had rejected the election result, citing irregularities, vote buying, and physical assaults on party agents.

The party’s Campaign Organisation spokesman, Yunusa Tanko, expressed lack of surprise at the election’s outcome given the reported harassment and intimidation of their supporters.

Tanko asserted that Achonu’s decision to contest the results is justified, emphasizing the party’s expectation of such challenges.

He cited instances of intimidation, hotel bookings, and denial of accommodation to party supporters, which he noted, contributed to the atmosphere of insecurity during the election.

Tanko assured of the party’s full support for Achonu’s decision to pursue legal action, aligning with electoral provisions to seek redress.

“The LP views the election as questionable and believes that their candidate’s move to challenge it in court is a necessary step in addressing the perceived irregularities”he said.


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