In the aftermath of the November 11, 2023, governorship election in Imo State, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) finds itself grappling with a disheartening defeat, with its gubernatorial candidate, Senator Samuel Anyanwu, securing a distant second place against the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Governor Hope Uzodimma.

The party’s performance, marred by allegations of foul play, has prompted a closer look at the multifaceted factors that contributed to its dismal outing.

Senator Anyanwu, in the wake of his loss, raised concerns over alleged collusion between security agencies and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to manipulate the election results.

His claims of foul play set the stage by this newspaper for a post-election analysis that delves into deeper issues within the PDP’s ranks.

Several PDP chieftains, speaking on condition of anonymity, cited internal strife and a lack of cohesion as significant contributors to the party’s poor showing at the guber polls.

They pointed fingers at division among party leaders, emphasizing the inability of key figures, referred to as party titans, to secure victories in their respective polling units.

Ephraim Anukam, a prominent party chieftain from Ezinihitte Mbaise, expressed a stark perspective, stating, “Some party leaders lost in their booths, and this tells you that they are mere political tigers on paper.”

A closer observation by this newspaper reveals that almost all the leaders of the party lost their booths as they were overwhelmed by agents of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

This shows the gap in the party between political influence in theory and the ground-level realities as witnessed during the election.

Hon. Donald Onuoha, a party chieftain in Isu LGA, cited financial constraints as another critical factor that hindered the PDP’s operational efficiency on election day.

He said, “The party struggled with a lack of funds, which impacted its ability to effectively mobilize resources and execute strategic plans during the election day.”

“The financial limitations further exacerbated existing challenges, creating a challenging environment for party agents to operate” he said.

Senator Anyanwu faced accusations related to the mismanagement of funds allocated for the governorship election.

Some party leaders asserted that he did not effectively deploy the N2 billion allegedly provided by the PDP’s top leaders for campaign and election purposes.

However, during a world press conference held in Owerri, Senator Anyanwu vehemently denied these allegations, asserting there is “no iota of truth” in the claims.

He maintained his stance on discouraging vote-buying during the polls, attempting to clarify his role amidst the swirl of accusations.

INNONEWS observed the intricate dynamics within the PDP in the state was marked by internal conflicts, financial constraints, and accusations of mismanagement, which underscore the challenges faced by the party in the Imo gubernatorial election.

The loss of the guber election serves as a catalyst for introspection and potential restructuring within the party as leaders grapple with the need for unity, effective resource utilization, and stronger grassroots connections.

As the PDP navigates this period of reflection, the repercussions of its defeat in Imo State will likely resonate in the broader political landscape, shaping future strategies and decisions within the party.


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