In a strategic move towards the 2027 Imo governorship election, a socio-political organization, Owerri Zone Awareness Coalition (OZAC) says it will reveal 12 individuals it deems as Governor Hope Uzodimma’s disciples from Owerri Zone who can potentially succeed him in 2028.

OZAC says its move is in response to Governor Uzodimma’s commitment to pass the governorship baton to Owerri Zone at the end of his second term.

Governor Uzodimma had made the declaration at a meeting with the Imo State Council of Elders.

He emphasized that the next governor, after his tenure, will hail from Owerri zone, followed subsequently by Okigwe zone.

In an exclusive interview with INNONEWS in Owerri, Emmanuel Okwu, the coordinator of OZAC, outlined the organization’s meticulous process that will lead to the unveiling of the governor’s successor from Owerri zone.

He said, “In 2024, OZAC will kick start and implement a comprehensive evaluation of the capacity and track records of Governor Uzodimma’s 12 disciples and allies from Owerri Zone, which we have identified.

“Our scrutiny will also extend beyond party lines.

“We will also utilize our local and international contacts to identify other credible sons and daughters of Owerri Zone who have excelled in various fields and who have an eye for governance,” he said.

He said the group’s decision to commence its assessment within the governor’s political camp aligns with the expectation that Uzodimma would likely choose his successor from his loyalists within the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Owerri zone.

“We have already identified twelve disciples of the Governor within the APC from Owerri zone, whom we believe possess the potential to succeed him.

“By December 2024, we will unveil them with comprehensive facts and reasons,” Okwu stated.

According to him, the unveiling process will include a rigorous fact-checking process that will include evaluating the mental acuity, physical fitness, and governance capabilities of the identified individuals.

“The proactive approach to be adopted by OZAC will reflect the organization’s commitment to ensuring a seamless transition and the emergence of a capable leader from Owerri Zone for Imo State in 2028.

“By focusing on both APC loyalists and considering individuals from various political affiliations, we intend to provide a thorough and unbiased evaluation, and present the public with well-vetted potential successors.

“As OZAC prepares to search for Governor Uzodimma’s potential successors, our organization’s systematic approach to evaluating candidates will serve as a blueprint for proactive and informed political decision-making, setting the stage for a smooth and effective transition of leadership to Owerri zone in 2028.”


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