Nze James Chinonyerem.

The governor of Imo state, Sen Hope Uzodimma is an oracle of politics. He is not just it in words but in all practical contexts. Scholars of political science continue to wonder, how did he do it? That is, bringing every shades of opinions and contexts in his party, APC and mainstream oppositions to understand that the need of Imo state is not just politics but developments. While the gang of opposition traded in false propaganda, elevating lies to win public trust, the governor opted the skills of a fine bricklayer, raising a beautiful state structure that was strong enough to accommodate all Imolites. Beyond his highly appreciable deliveries of democracy dividends across the state, he also performed greatly in human organizations.

Rewind to his inception to office and the political outcries and juxtapose it to the later years especially, during the election periods, you will understand and appreciate that Sen Hope Uzodimma is a divine product that happened to the governorship office of Imo state. This is a truth that is universally acknowledged.

The effects of his sagacity in political and administrative acumen were felt across the nooks and crannies of the state. In Owerri zone, Prince Alex Mbata who as the Coordinator of the APC campaign, replicated the governor’s sagacity in bringing all the leaders and followers under one canopy with one unit of purpose, which was to ensure the victory of the governor/party in the wards in the zone. Through the force of his personality, clout, peaceful dispositions, skills in networking, trustworthiness and love by the people of Owerri zone, he was able to break the ice, bringing all Owerri zone leaders and the followers together to sing the same song of reelection of the governor. The various leaders sank in whatever differences they had and focused on the ball. It was the PAM’s magic wave band. The needed clarion call for kindred spirit, a workable one which worked. Like the governor, PAM did not pay lip services to this, he worked his talks in coordinating all in ensuring a seamless operations. When he collapsed his campaign structures in the zone and renamed it PAM FOR HOPE, it was to achieve the victory we enjoy today. No doubt, he couldn’t have done it alone without the tacit and active supports of his brothers and sisters across the zone. Together, they triumphed and it is my prayer that they continue to triumph in spite of all odds. Their togetherness is the people’s success and better Owerri zone and the entire state.

Owerri zone should learn and profit from this singular gesture, this feat at political engineering for the common course. All the leaders and followers should shun bickering, backbiting and the crab mentality and embrace the PAM’s mantra, the philosophy of truth, oneness, togetherness, help structures, kindred spirit, a kind of “we can do it solidarity” and work as all did under the Owerri zonal campaign Coordinator. To support the governor to advance the benefits of the reelection is sacred all must embrace. Prince Alex thinks and says so. It is time to shame our detractors outside and within who believe the zone can never think, act and work together. Owerri zone is blessed with leaders who are true and just. Let them show the light like PAM always do.

I join all men and women of goodwill to congratulate the people’s Governor and his Deputy on their victory and the Owerri zone people and indeed, Imo state for doing the needful in the collective spirit of the charter of equity and of course, Prince Alex Mbata for effectively stirring the consciousness of Nde Owerri zone to boldly key into it.


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