A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Imo State, Hon Francis Ugwudi, has said
the opposition, comprising the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the Labour Party (LP), proved to be feeble contenders against the robust political machinery of the APC
in the November 11 governorship election

The Independent National Electoral Commission INEC had declared Hope Uzodimma of the All Progressives Congress APC as winner of the election, defeating candidates of the PDP and LP, Senator Samuel Anyanwu and Senator Athan Achonu.

Anyanwu and Achonu had rejected the outcome of the election, accusing the APC, INEC and security agencies of colluding to manipulate the polls results in favour of Uzodimma of the APC

Speaking to INNONEWS in an interview on Sunday, Ugwudi asserted that the opposition, especially the PDP and LP, were ill-equipped and divided, making them unfit to challenge the dominance of the APC in the state.

He emphasized that the APC, with its solid political foundation, outshone its rivals at the guber polls

Ugwudi pointed to the internal disarray within the PDP as a significant factor which contributed to its lackluster performance.

According to him, the PDP entered the election as a divided entity, with internal conflicts affecting its overall cohesion.

“The absence of support for it’s governorship candidate, Senator Samuel Anyanwu from key figures within the party, notably from Emeka Ihedioha, weakened its stance.

“This internal dissent, coupled with the departure of some party members to the APC, created a turbulent atmosphere for the PDP ahead of the polls.

“On election day, the party was not prepared.

“There was no election strategy and management, and they were impeded by lack of funds. How do you expect them to win?

“The party was so disorganized with a weak structure which lacked motivation,” Ugwudi remarked, underscoring the significance of effective planning and financial backing, as key to electoral success.

Ugwudi also turned his attention to the Labour Party (LP), highlighting its decline in popularity after the presidential election.

He said the LP, once buoyed by the influence of Peter Obi, suffered a loss of appeal following Obi’s defeat at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal.

Ugwudi argued that Athan Achonu, the LP governorship candidate, lacked the charisma and influence to rejuvenate the party’s standing and popularity in the State.

While acknowledging that the APC might not be so accepted in the State, Ugwudi attributed the party’s victory to meticulous preparation and organizational prowess.


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