As Governor Hope Uzodinma gears up for his second term, there are concerns that he will reshape the State Executive Council.

Sources told INNONEWS that there are plans to streamline the cabinet by cutting down on over two hundred appointees and introducing technocrats for a more focused and efficient administration.

The governor’s commitment to delivering on promised projects takes center stage, signaling a shift towards legacy-driven governance.

He is said to have adopted a forward-thinking approach to his second term.

Set to be sworn in on January 14, 2024, he is reportedly assembling a more focused and manageable cabinet.

Unlike his first term, characterized by indiscriminate appointments, the Governor aims to trim down the Executive Council for effective resource allocation to crucial projects benefiting the citizens.

Dependable sources said over three hundred special advisers, some with hefty monthly fees, will be phased out to alleviate the financial strain on Imo State.

A top official in the Imo government stated, “The Governor appointed an over-bloated state executive to carry everybody along and empower party members. The appointees also made the reelection process for the governor simple. But now, they have to go.”

Governor Uzodinma’s shift towards technocrats in his new cabinet reflects his acknowledgment of their contributions during his current term.

The focus, the source said, is on leaving a positive legacy, concentrating on delivering more dividends of democracy for posterity and future political pursuits, with no imminent re-election.

In the face of Uzodimma’s restructuring, there’s a likelihood that some who deemed themselves indispensable in his administration will equally lose their positions.

The governor aims to introduce more urbane and intellectual personalities to enhance the administration’s image.

Already suspending the Commissioner for Land, Hon. Atulegwu Abiaso, and the Managing Director of the Imo Housing Board, Hon. Obi, the Governor signals a readiness to address negative stories surrounding his first term.

His second term agenda is said to be clear: execute the remaining projects promised to Imo people and position himself for potential higher-level engagements with the electorate in the future.

“The stage is set for a governance approach that prioritizes efficiency, legacy, and strategic development.” a top level source in Imo State government told this newspaper.


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