In the aftermath of Governor Hope Uzodimma’s successful reelection in the 2023 gubernatorial polls, some concerned citizens of Imo State are calling for a shift in focus from discussions about the 2027 governorship election to pressing governance issues.

The intensity of discourse surrounding the 2027 Imo governorship election has heightened, drawing attention just a month after the conclusion of the 2023 Guber polls.

Governor Hope Uzodimma’s victory in the recent election has reignited conversations about the next electoral cycle.

An elder statesman in the State, Mr. Ernest Uwandu, stressed the importance of political actors in the state putting aside aspirations for the 2027 election and redirect their efforts towards addressing governance challenges.

Speaking to INNONEWS in Owerri, Uwandu expressed concern about the premature emphasis on the next election cycle when legal matters from the just-concluded polls are yet to be resolved.

“The 2023 governorship election just took place, and those aggrieved are yet to take their matter to court.

“Even the incumbent governor, who won re-election, has not been sworn in for a second term, and we are busy listening to some political actors talk about 2027 and Charter Of Equity. It is unacceptable,” he said.

Hon. Donald Onuoha, a varsity don, criticized Governor Hope Uzodimma for delving into discussions about which zone will produce his successor barely a month after he won re election.

Onuoha emphasized that the focus by the governor should be allowing his administration to settle into office, address governance issues, and minimize early politicking.

“The Governor got it wrong. He is the one who has kickstarted talks of the 2027 guber when he said on two occasions that he will hand over to Owerri zone after his tenure.

“This is 2023; I believe he should have been advised to rest the issue for now, savour his victory, and maybe in late 2025 announce where he wants his successor to come from,” Onuoha asserted.



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