Celebrating A Life Time Achiever: Dr. Uzoma Obiyo Revives Abandoned Water Project in Nne-Ise Ugiri Ike Community in Ikeduru LGA Via Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs

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In a joyous celebration of communal progress, the people of Nne-Ise Ugiri-Ike Community in Ikeduru LGA, Imo State, came together on November 29, 2023, to celebrate and unveil a crucial water project, facilitated through the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs by an illustrious son of the community, Chief Dr. Uzoma Obiyo.

Obiyo, a business tycoon and foremost philanthropist, had recently facilitated the construction of a Technical school in his community, in addition to several development projects in his community.

Amidst palpable joy and gratitude, the Nne-Ise Ugiri-Ike Community Civic Hall hosted a gathering of community leaders, dignitaries, and well-wishers for another giant feat by Dr. Obiyo.

They assembled not only to honour Chief (Dr.) Uzoma Obiyo, KSC, for his unwavering commitment to the welfare of his people, but also to witness the realization of a project to address a historical water scarcity issue in the community.

Even in Chief Obiyo’s unavoidable absence at the event, his presence was deeply felt through his Project Manager, Mr. Fidelis Ibe, who played a crucial role in the project’s execution.

During the ceremony, community leaders voiced their appreciation for Chief (Dr.) Uzoma Obiyo’s tireless efforts in ensuring the progress, development, and advancement of their community.

They highlighted his proactive and generous responses to the needs of the community.

The event enjoyed the esteemed company of numerous dignitaries who extolled his virtues.

Described as a man with a heart of gold and an abundance of human kindness, various speakers at the event underscored Chief Uzoma Obiyo’s profound dedication to philanthropy.

Mr. Fidelis Ibe, while addressing the audience, emphasized the crucial importance of water and commended the community for being blessed with a son like Chief Dr. Uzoma Obiyo.

According to him, as the Managing Director of MNET, Chief Obiyo willingly shoulders the responsibility of addressing the basic social welfare needs of the community without additional cost.

Mr. Ibe urged the community to take ownership of the water project, cautioning against potential vandalism and destabilization.

He reminded them that the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs would revisit the project in six months to assess its impact and the security measures put in place to safeguard it.

Appealing to the Town Union President-General and the Eze in Council, Mr. Ibe encouraged them to ensure the effective utilization of the water project to meet the community’s needs.

His Royal Highness Eze Levi Iheanyichukwu praised Chief Dr. Uzoma Obiyo and described him as a true patriot committed to the welfare and development of his people.

He urged others to emulate Chief Obiyo’s gesture to eradicate water scarcity in the area.

Representing the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Niger Delta, Mr. Ceaser Uche, emphasized that providing water, electricity, and good roads were integral parts of the social responsibilities fulfilled by Chief Dr. Uzoma Obiyo.

He urged the community to preserve the water project for the benefit of all, emphasizing the need to change the perception of public institutions and development projects as belonging to no particular person.

Mr. Uche further implored the community to manage the water project effectively, ensuring it becomes a lasting legacy for current and future generations.

The day marked not only the fulfillment of a vital community need but also a testament to the power of collaborative efforts and the enduring impact of individuals like Chief Dr. Uzoma Obiyo, who embody the spirit of selfless service and community upliftment.


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