A tragic incident occured at Amanwozuzu junction in the Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State, casting a somber shadow over the new year celebration for a family of eight.

The fatal auto crash occurred around 3 pm on Friday, December 29, instigating an atmosphere of distress in the vicinity.

According to eyewitnesses, passers-by, and police officers involved in the rescue mission, the family’s patriarch was driving his wife and children in a Sienna vehicle when the calamity struck.

The vehicle collided with a stationary truck laden with rods at the Amanwozuzu junction.

The impact of the collision was devastating, as the rods pierced the bodies of the victims, leading to the tragic demise of all family members on the spot.

The sorrowful scene prompted the intervention of both law enforcement and local residents.

Policemen and concerned citizens worked together to dismantle the vehicle, recovering the lifeless bodies of the family.

Subsequently, law enforcement officers from the Ikeduru Local Government Area Division transported the deceased to a nearby morgue.

Chief Superintendent of Police Lucky Ahiole, the Divisional Police Officer overseeing the Ikeduru LGA, provided insights into the harrowing incident.

According to him, the stationary truck was parked at the roadside when the Sienna vehicle collided with it, resulting in the catastrophic loss of eight lives.

Expressing the gravity of the situation, DPO Ahiole as quoted by THE NATION stated, “It is terrible. Eight died, and we have taken them to a morgue.

“We had to break the Sienna vehicle to bring out the dead bodies. The rod pierced their eyes and bodies, and even the children died.”

However, an eyewitness presented a different perspective, asserting that the stationary truck, loaded with rods, obstructed the road and urged the police to investigate the truck driver.

In this account, the tragic outcome might have been averted if the truck had not been parked on the road, raising questions about the circumstances leading to the heart-wrenching accident.


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