In the aftermath of the November 11 Imo governorship election, the political landscape in the State is becoming a legal battleground as aggrieved candidates express dissatisfaction with the declared outcome.

Governor Hope Uzodimma’s victory, announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), faces opposition from candidates like Senators Samuel Anyanwu of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and Athan Achonu of the Labour Party, LP prompting them to seek legal redress.

The Imo Progressives Movement (IPM) had issued a warning, urging those challenging Uzodimma in court to withdraw their cases.

However, the Owerri Zone Awareness Coalition (OZAC) has vehemently challenged IPM’s directive, emphasizing the constitutional right of aggrieved candidates to pursue legal recourse.

In a statement in Owerri and signed by its President, Emmanuel Okwu, OZAC criticized IPM’s stance as “childish and infantile,” accusing the group of being influenced by the APC led administration in Imo State to suppress dissent.

OZAC underscored the fundamental democratic principle that partakers in any election process, especially the November 11 governorship election have the right to seek redress in court when they perceive electoral irregularities or manipulation.

“It is important to remind IPM that Hope Uzodimma was catapulted to the governorship seat of Imo State in 2020 based on the judgment of a court of law—the Supreme Court,” OZAC stated, highlighting the governor’s own history of legal challenges.

The Coalition emphasized that legal processes, including court challenges, are integral to upholding the democratic principles that underpin the electoral system.

OZAC cautioned IPM against allowing political affiliations or benefits from the ruling party to cloud its judgment, urging the group to respect the democratic right of candidates to question the election results through legal channels.

The coalition further emphasized that legal fireworks is an essential aspect of the democratic framework, and candidates have the right to use this avenue to address perceived injustices.


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