In a bold and rapid restructuring move, Governor Hope Uzodimma had undertaken a comprehensive purge of his administration, leaving observers speculating about the return of former officials in the yet to reconstituted cabinet.

Governor Uzodimma wasted no time, making sweeping changes within 24 hours of his second-term inauguration.

Those affected by the sack included Commissioners, Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, and Sole Administrators of the 27 Local Governments.

A whopping 800 aides exited the scene, signaling the governor’s intent to overhaul his team for the new term.

Insiders shared with INNONEWS that despite the desire of many ousted appointees to return, the majority might face disappointment.

The source disclosed, “Most of the appointees will not be retained.Some carry significant baggage, having cases to answer.

“Their actions diverged from the Governor’s expectations. Some, even those trusted, were involved in unexpected activities, such as instances of land grabbing.

“The issue extends beyond the sack and arrest of Lands Commissioner Noble Atuluegwu.Performance ratings for many were subpar.”

“The governor appears to possess a comprehensive report on their activities, a crucial determinant for their potential return or not”

The source further emphasized, “He seems to have a comprehensive report on their activities, which will influence who returns or not.

“But take it anywhere, many of the appointees would not come back. Only a tiny few may return”

The new cabinet is expected to feature fresh faces, possibly including individuals from the opposition who played behind-the-scenes roles in the success of Uzodimma’s reelection.

Governor Uzodimma’s initiative is perceived as a strategic effort to establish a clean slate for his second term.

Key factors such as accountability and efficiency are anticipated to be reinstated in his administration’s structure.

“There will be serious governance.If you look at the 2024 budget, more than 80 percent of it is allocated to capital projects.

“There will be a focus on infrastructure development to propel the State forward. He is determined to leave a lasting legacy and cannot be realized significantly with old faces,” the source stated..


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