Governor Hope Uzodimma’s administration in Imo State is undergoing a paradigm shift as familiar bonds and allegiances take a backseat to the pursuit of justice.

In a surprising turn of events, former Commissioner for Housing, Lady Love Ineh, found herself facing the weight of the law, despite her previous proximity to the governor’s inner circle.

Love Ineh, once a trusted member of Uzodimma’s administration, now stands accused in a case before the Owerri Magistrate Court, alongside four others, in a matter brought by the Commissioner of Police.

The charges against her, including conspiracy and theft, underscore a departure from the perceived leniency often associated with the governor’s approach to issues concerning his allies.

Despite speculations of intervention during Ineh’s previous detention, the governor’s refusal to sway the course of justice sends a clear message: accountability knows no bounds, even within the echelons of power.

The governor’s stance is now reverberating across the state, prompting former appointees implicated in alleged wrongdoing to evade capture, knowing that the governor will not shield them from legal repercussions.

Sources within the Government House, Owerri, reveal that Governor Uzodimma has vowed non-interference in judicial proceedings, affirming his commitment to impartiality and transparency, especially in matters relating to his trusted friends and allies.

The case against Ineh and others shedds light on the governor’s resolve to combat corruption and malfeasance within his administration, as he prepares to name a new cabinet.

INNONEWS observed that it is becoming evident that no individual, regardless of their past affiliations, is exempt from accountability.

This development echoes previous allegations of land grabbing involving some of Uzodimma’s appointees, stirring public discourse and scrutiny.

While some individuals were exonerated following police interrogations, others await their day in court, highlighting the ongoing battle against corruption and abuse of power.


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