OZAC Unveils Strategy To Achieve Owerri Zone Guber Project

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The Owerri Zone Awareness Coalition (OZAC), a prominent socio-political group representing the interests of Owerri Zone in Imo State, says it is laying the foundation for a seamless transition of power to Owerri zone in 2028.

Emmanuel Okwu, the President of OZAC, who spoke to select group of journalists in Owerri via Zoom from London, unveiled the coalition’s strategy to engage the diaspora community in their awareness campaigns.

He emphasized their objective of rallying support for a transparent and credible process that will culminate in the emergence of a governor who garners widespread popularity within Owerri Zone, while also garnering recognition in Okigwe Zone and acceptance in Orlu Zone.

“At the core of OZAC’s mission lies a commitment to continuity within Governor Uzodimma’s political lineage” he noted.

Okwu commended the governor and the Imo State Council Of Elders for instituting the Imo Charter of Equity, which he described, as a guiding framework for facilitating a smooth transfer of power among the state’s three geopolitical zones.

This initiative, Okwu said, underscores Uzodimma’s dedication to fostering unity and inclusivity throughout Imo State.

He stressed the importance of adopting a comprehensive approach in selecting Governor Uzodimma’s successor from Owerri Zone.

While acknowledging the governor’s authority in nominating a successor, he advocated for a candidate with the necessary qualifications and broad-based support across all zones within the state.

Responding to criticisms regarding the timing of their initiative, Okwu reaffirmed the coalition’s proactive stance, highlighting the intricate nature of the political landscape in Imo State and the necessity of early groundwork.

He said “Through extensive consultations and strategic planning, OZAC aligns their efforts with the overarching vision outlined in the Imo Charter of Equity.

“OZAC’s proactive approach reflects our unwavering commitment to principles of fairness and representation.

“We want to ensure that the aspirations of Owerri Zone are duly acknowledged and respected.

“By engaging stakeholders both domestically and internationally, we intend to foster a sense of unity and purpose in pursuit of this shared objective: securing a governor from Owerri Zone who will advocate for the interests of all Imo citizens, and OZAC is poised to navigate the complexities of succession planning, guided by our steadfast dedication to promoting transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in governance.

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