Economic Hardship:Former NHIS Chief,Yusuf Expresses Surprise At South East’s Silence

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Professor Usman Yusuf, former Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), has expressed surprise at the South East’s subdued response amidst the escalating economic hardship plaguing the nation.

Speaking on Arise Television’s Morning Show program, Yusuf urged the President to take immediate action by purchasing food supplies, flooding the market, and ensuring the people are fed before the situation worsens.

Despite widespread agitation against mounting hunger, particularly in the South West and Northern regions, Yusuf noted the conspicuous absence of protests in the South East.

He said: “I honestly don’t know why the South East is quiet, uncharacteristically quiet. But the President needs to find out. The North is where I know I live; even my heritage is. The silence in the North is more lethal than anywhere else in the country. And the President needs to listen to that.

“The silence in the North, from the people of the North in spite of the suffering people are going through, is more lethal than people coming out.

“We are going into the month of Ramadan, people are going to pray. We ask the President to buy food, flood the market and feed the people before things get too late.

“The whole country is suffering. There’s hunger in the land. We hope you listen. Don’t listen to your advisers. Bring a whole lot of money for food, don’t wait for the governors

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