The Imo State Library Board, following its relocation to New Owerri by Former Governor Rochas Okorocha, has described its current state as ‘a sorry condition’.

Since the move in 2014, the board claims to have received no financial assistance from the state government to sustain its operations.

According to a reliable source within the Imo State Library Board, the lack of funding has resulted in significant challenges, including staff shortages due to retirements without replacements.

According to the source ‘the board is struggling to maintain a collection of 17 containers of books, provided by the Imo State Government two years ago, which are now deteriorating.

“In light of these difficulties, the Imo State Library Board is appealing to Governor Hope Uzodimma for assistance.

“They are urging the governor to consider relocating the library to a more central location, such as the Government roundabout or The Family Support Programme (FSP) building on Wetheral Road, to improve accessibility and patronage.

“The board is emphasizing the importance of funding, staff replacement, and increased patronage as critical issues requiring immediate attention.

“With government support, the library can be upgraded and continue to serve the community effectively.


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