As the cost of sachet water, commonly known as ‘pure water’, skyrockets in Imo State, residents are increasingly turning to tap water as an alternative.

The Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP) recently warned of an impending price hike for sachet water due to rising production costs, prompting concerns among consumers.

While the association set the price for a bag of sachet water at N350, some retailers are selling it for as high as N500, exacerbating the financial burden on residents.

In areas like Orlu LGA, the scarcity of distributors has further driven up prices, with a bag of sachet water fetching N500 and a single sachet selling for N50.

The scarcity of distributors in certain areas, compounded by security concerns, has left residents grappling with inflated prices and limited access to affordable drinking water.

Many residents, faced with the prospect of exorbitant prices, have resorted to carrying plastic bottles filled with tap water from their homes.

A resident, who spoke to INNONEWS emphasized the need for cost-cutting measures amid the prevailing economic challenges.

She highlighted the exorbitant costs associated with purchasing sachet water, especially for individuals who consume multiple sachets daily.

“I cannot buy a sachet of pure water for N50 when I know I take three sachets at a go.

“If I should do it, I will be spending almost a thousand naira on ordinary pure water in a day. God forbid!” she exclaimed.

This newspaper gathered that the situation underscores the broader impact of inflation and economic instability on everyday life in Imo State, as residents grapple with soaring prices and dwindling purchasing power.

As the cost of essential commodities continues to rise, many are forced to explore alternative sources of water to mitigate financial strain.

While the convenience of sachet water remains unmatched for some, the escalating prices have prompted a shift towards tap water as a more affordable option.

This trend reflects a growing resilience among Imo residents, who are adapting to challenging economic conditions by seeking out cost-effective alternatives to meet their basic needs.

As the State government grapple with the root causes of the price surge and seek solutions to alleviate the burden on consumers, residents are left to with the challenges of daily life amidst ongoing economic uncertainties.

The reliance on tap water, once seen as a fallback option, has now become a practical necessity for many Imo residents striving to cope with the harsh realities of inflation and rising living costs.


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