The harsh reality of skyrocketing prices and economic turmoil has engulfed Imo State, like in other states of the Federation, leaving its citizens grappling with the grim specter of food insecurity.

Amidst the clamour for survival, tales of hardship echo through the streets of Owerri, painting a poignant picture of deprivation and resilience in the face of adversity.

In the wake of surging living cost driven  by soaring prices of food items and essential services, Imoites find themselves ensnared in a cycle of deprivation. 

A disturbing narrative emerges from the lips of distressed parents who can now only afford to put food on the table once a day, a stark testament to the severity of the frightening cost of living  gripping the state.

With rising inflation and exchange rate fluctuations casting a pall of uncertainty over the Nigerian economy, the repercussions of these adverse trends reverberate through every facet of daily life, plunging many households into a state of precarity.

Against this backdrop of escalating prices, a recent survey conducted by INNONEWS, reveals the staggering reality confronting Imolites.

Noodles, a staple in many homes, have witnessed an alarming surge in price, skyrocketing from N11,140 to a staggering N17,500–N18,000 per carton within two weeks. 

This exorbitant escalation, representing a 38.1% increase, underscores the magnitude of the cost of living crisis ravaging the State.

Furthermore, the price of a bag of sachet water, known as “pure water,” has increased from N250 to N300 and N500, adding to the burden borne by already beleaguered households.

Against this backdrop of economic turmoil, tales of hardship reverberate across the state.

Nneoma, a schoolteacher in one of the secondary schools in Owerri Municipality, bemoans the stark realities of subsisting on meagre rations.

“The economic hardship is telling on everyone; we can barely eat; when we eat once daily, we thank God for that.” She lamented.

Similarly, Deborah, a beauty vendor at Works Layout, recounts the toll exacted on her business and livelihood, revealing the grim reality of trimming expenses to survive. 

“The economy has been going from bad to worse in recent weeks, and the only way my family and I have been managing is by cutting down on our spending,” she said.

From Egbu, a tiny semi-urban settlement in Owerri North LGA, to the bustling markets of Owerri Municipal, tales of struggle and perseverance punctuate the air. 

Igwe Nnanna, a barber at Christ Church Road, Owerri, lamented the impact of the economic hardship on families.

“The hardship now is tough, and families are finding it difficult to feed; we are just managing,” he sighs.

In the face of mounting despair, calls for the state government intervention have increased.

Chinedu, a busimo rider, implored the authorities to address the scourge of hunger engulfing the land. 

“Tinubu’s administration is worse than Buhari’s regime,” he asserts, highlighting the urgency of action to alleviate the plight of the masses.


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