In a devastating blow to Napoli’s aspirations, Nigerian sensation Victor Osimhen faces the wrath of his teammates following their heart-wrenching 3-1 defeat against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 encounter.

The highly anticipated clash saw Napoli failing to sustain their first-leg momentum, ultimately succumbing to the sheer dominance of Barcelona on Tuesday evening.

Despite a promising start with Amir Rrahmani’s goal, Napoli faltered, conceding three goals from Fermin Lopez, Joao Cancelo, and Roberto Lewandowski, sealing their Champions League exit.

Osimhen, once hailed as the beacon of hope for Napoli’s attacking prowess, found himself at the center of criticism for his lackluster performance.

Throughout the grueling 90 minutes, the 25-year-old struggled to leave a mark, appearing disconnected from his teammates.

With just one shot attempted and a dismal success rate in duels, Osimhen’s contribution fell far below expectations.

The disappointment echoed not only on the pitch but reverberated within Napoli’s dressing room, as reported by the esteemed Italian newspaper, Il Mattino.

Players expressed their discontent, highlighting Osimhen’s alleged preferential treatment and exorbitant wages, which failed to translate into on-field performance.

The scathing report by Calcio Napoli 1926 paints a picture of discord, attributing Osimhen’s perceived shortcomings to a sense of entitlement and a lack of reciprocity for the club’s investments in him.

Despite being bestowed with privileges such as special treatment and extended breaks, Osimhen’s failure to deliver in crucial moments has strained the camaraderie within the team.

Furthermore, Osimhen’s decision, in consultation with the management, to abstain from bench duty following his return from the African Cup of Nations further exacerbated tensions within the squad.

Such actions, deemed divisive and disruptive, have fueled discontent among both players and coaching staff.

As Napoli grapples with the aftermath of their Champions League exit, questions loom over Osimhen’s future role within the team. While his talent is undeniable, the expectations weighing on him demand more than sporadic glimpses of brilliance.

With murmurs of discontent growing louder, Osimhen faces a pivotal juncture in his Napoli tenure, where redemption and reconciliation may be the only paths to salvage his reputation and restore harmony within the ranks.


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