Imo Charter of Equity Risks Defiance, Ex-Gov, Others Outside Owerri Zone Eye 2027 Guber Race

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The revered Imo Charter of Equity faces defiance as influential political figures from Okigwe and Orlu zones are preparing as contenders for the 2027 gubernatorial contest.

The Charter, an initiative championed by the Imo State Council of Elders to facilitate a rotational governance model among the state’s three geopolitical zones, risks being circumvented as governorship contenders from Okigwe and Orlu quietly prepare for the contest.

Despite Governor Hope Uzodimma’s pledge to uphold the Charter by ensuring the succession of a candidate from Owerri zone, formidable contenders from Okigwe and Orlu zones pose a formidable challenge, which will certainly defy the spirit of the Charter.

Opponents of the Charter have expressed dissent, signaling intentions to contest under the banner of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2027 gubernatorial race.

Among the contenders are a former governor and a prominent politician who contested the Imo gubernatorial elections in 2019, which underscores the depth of opposition to the Charter’s principles.

While no legal barrier inhibits governorship aspirants from Okigwe and Orlu zones from entering the gubernatorial fray, dissenting voices have emerged, even from Owerri zone, questioning the legitimacy and efficacy of the Charter of Equity.

Vitalis Ajumbe, a former Commissioner in Imo State and a notable politician from Owerri zone, had vocally opposed the Charter, dismissing it as a charade that undermines democratic principles.

In an interview, Ajumbe criticized the reliance on the Charter of Equity, denouncing it as a breeding ground for mediocrity and political complacency.

He advocated for an open, merit-based contest devoid of preferential treatment based on zonal considerations.

“Just saying, “It is the turn of Owerri zone to govern Imo is not enough and it is not democratic. It promotes mediocrity and produces mediocre leaders” he said.

While the gubernatorial elections are slated in four years time, INNONEWS learnt that aspirants from Okigwe and Orlu zones have already begun laying the groundwork to challenge the prevailing narrative surrounding the Charter of Equity.

A well-placed source disclosed to this newspaper the unwavering determination of a former governor, who is not from Owerri zone, to reclaim the gubernatorial mantle in 2027, despite the perceived hindrance posed by the Charter of Equity.

Echoing sentiments of discontent, the source hinted of a broader movement or plans by the former governor and other contenders outside Owerri zone to reshape the political discourse in Imo State about the Charter, to question its viability and advocate for a more inclusive and meritocratic approach to governance.

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