APC Chieftain To Owerri Zone: Emotional Blackmail Won’t Secure Imo Guber

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Hon. Magnus Anyanwu, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has urged political stakeholders in Owerri zone, to brace themselves for the impending battle to secure Governor Hope Uzodimma’s successor in 2027.

In an exclusive interview with INNONEWS, Anyanwu emphasized that Owerri Zone cannot expect to inherit power effortlessly and that resorting to emotional blackmail tactics would prove futile in clinching the coveted gubernatorial seat.

Anyanwu stressed the ruthless nature of political power dynamics, asserting that securing victory requires more than mere rhetoric and champagne toasts behind closed doors of gatherings of political stakeholders in Owerri zone.

Despite the provisions of the Imo Charter of Equity favouring Owerri Zone’s claim to the governorship in 2027, Anyanwu cautioned against complacency, citing the historical reluctance of Okigwe and Orlu Zones to relinquish power to their Owerri counterparts in the past.

Anyanwu, the CEO of Afrikkonnect, cautioned against placing undue reliance on Governor Hope Uzodimma’s pledge to hand over power to Owerri Zone in 2027.

While acknowledging the significance of such commitments, Anyanwu cautioned that political realities often defy promises, citing precedents where incumbents failed to secure successors or ensure re-election in the State.

He said “The game of succession can sometimes overwhelm the incumbent

“We witnessed in the State how former governors Udenwa, Okorocha all failed to produce successors”

Anyanwu emphasized the need for strategic diversification of political alliances and outreach efforts beyond the confines of the APC.

He urged stakeholders in Owerri zone to avoid over-reliance on a single political platform, highlighting the potential entry of contenders from Orlu and Okigwe Zones via other political platforms into the gubernatorial race in 2027.

The communications guru underscored the importance of broadening horizons and adopting a more inclusive and constructive approach to achieve the quest of Owerri zone to succeed.

He noted “As Owerri Zone gears up for the fiercely contested 2027 governorship election, my admonition serves as a sobering reminder of the arduous path ahead.

“Stakeholders in Owerri zone should heed to my wise counsel and adapt their strategies accordingly, lest they fall victim to the pitfalls of complacency and misplaced reliance on political rhetoric alone.

He continued “In the battle for Imo State’s guber seat, emotional blackmail will prove futile; only strategic foresight, astute alliances, and unwavering determination will secure victory for Owerri Zone”

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