Owerri Zone Launches ‘Imo Harmony Project’ To Secure 2027 Governorship Seat

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Stakeholders in Owerri Zone are gearing up to make sure the zone clinches the Imo State governorship seat in 2028.

 To achieve this, they have introduced the ‘Imo Harmony Project’ to rally support and commitment towards their goal.

The group noted that “in arriving at this name, the overriding need to adopt a nomenclature that communicates our abiding interest and belief in harmonious co existence in our dear State was considered, even as we compete for this exalted position”

Led by former Minister of Interior, Capt Emmanuel Iheanacho, the Imo Harmony Project called on all politicians and leaders from Owerri Zone to stand united and not endorse any actions or individuals that might hinder their collective aspiration for the Owerri Governorship project.

In a communique released in Owerri and obtained by INNONEWS, the project has structured its campaign around various committees established during a meeting held on February 18th, 2024.

These committees include media and publicity, social media, contact and mobilization, Strategy, youth and women engagement, finance and Budget, Research and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Diaspora Engagement.

Explaining the choice of the project’s name, the group emphasized the importance of fostering harmonious coexistence within the state, even amidst the competition for the esteemed position of governor of the state.

The statement highlighted the endorsement and commitment of members of the Imo Council of Elders to the Imo Charter of Equity, which advocates for rotational governorship among the three zones in the State.

The group urged the elders to maintain their support for this principle, which has garnered significant backing from Governor Hope Uzodinma.

Expressing their dedication to pursuing their objectives in a manner that promotes unity and avoids division, the group stressed the essential roles various stakeholders play in achieving their goal.

They pledged to continue their advocacy, mobilization, and outreach efforts, acknowledging and respecting the valuable contributions of all involved towards this historic cause.

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