Violence Erupts In Imo Community Over Alleged Killing By Vigilante Group

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Tensions erupted into chaos as rampaging youths in the Okwu Uratta community of Imo State set fire to homes, motorcycles, and businesses, resulting in millions of naira in damages.

The unrest stemmed from the killing of a young man identified as Friday Njoku, allegedly at the hands of members of the local vigilante group in the area.

According to an anonymous source from the community, the youths accused one Emmanuel Abakporo, leader of the vigilante group and an officer of the state command of the Nigeria Correctional Service, of orchestrating Njoku’s death.

Enraged by this allegation, the youths launched a violent reprisal.

The source recounted the sequence of events, stating, “Our community is on fire. The youths are rampaging because a young man named Friday Njoku was killed on Sunday, and his body was dumped here.

‘People saw that it was the security personnel in the community who shot him dead.”

“In their fury, the youths targeted his residence, only to find him absent”

“Undeterred, they inflicted severe beatings on his son and set ablaze his wife’s shop before returning to set fire to his house, along with his car, motorcycles, and household belongings”

The escalation of violence prompted the intervention of law enforcement officers, who swiftly moved in to restore order.

The presence of police personnel in the area signifies ongoing efforts to quell the unrest and prevent further damage.

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