DSTV Subscribers Threaten Boycott Over Price Hike

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The recent announcement of price hikes by Multichoice Nigeria, the parent company of DSTV, has sparked outrage among subscribers, with many expressing their intention to boycott the service in protest against the escalating price hike.

Beginning May 1, subscribers will face increased subscription fees across various DSTV and GOtv packages, prompting widespread dissatisfaction among customers.

The premium bouquet, for instance, will see a substantial increase from N29,500 to N37,000, while the Compact+ package jumps from N19,800 to N25,000.

Ferdinand Nwachukwu, a long-time subscriber based in Owerri, lamented the relentless surge in subscription fees, citing the economic strain it imposes on customers.

“The increase in their prices is getting out of control. This is the third time they are increasing the price of subscription, without minding the serious economic challenges in the country,” Nwachukwu expressed.

Mrs Veronica Igwe, another regular subscriber echoed similar sentiments, declaring her decision to sever subscription with DSTV in response to the incessant price hikes.

“I have called it quits with DSTV over the recent increase. My income cannot cope with the rise in prices,” she declared.

Erlington Igwe, another disillusioned subscriber, voiced his frustration and announced his intent to switch to Free To Air satellite services.

“DSTV is taking us for a ride. I can’t cope any longer with their frequent increase in prices. Imagine, in less than a year, they have increased their subscription thrice. I’m done with it,” Igwe proclaimed.

INNONEWS reports that the dissatisfaction with DSTV’s pricing strategy reflects a broader sentiment among subscribers who feel burdened by the escalating costs amidst challenging economic conditions in the country.

Many consumers are questioning the rationale behind such steep increases, especially considering the financial hardships faced by households across the country.

As subscribers contemplate their next course of action, the prospect of a widespread boycott looms large, with individuals like Nwachukwu, Igwe, and Igwe leading the charge in expressing their discontent and seeking alternative viewing options.

Multichoice Nigeria’s decision to implement these price hikes may further exacerbate tensions between the company and its customer base, potentially leading to a significant loss of subscribers if demands for more affordable pricing options are not met.

The looming threat of a mass exodus underscores the need for Multichoice Nigeria to reassess its pricing strategy and prioritize the affordability of its services to ensure the retention of its customer base amidst growing competition in the pay-TV market.

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